Sommer Singspiel Cultural Day Camp: August 6-9, 2018 – Registration is Open!

What is Sommer Singspiel?

A camp that builds skills in music skills (including singing, playing instruments, creative movement), and German (language, culture, and traditions – including soccer!)

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What are the Camp Goals?

The Lancaster Liederkranz began as a singing club. The Singspiel Program aims to continue to honor the original goals of the Liederkranz by providing opportunities for the younger generation to experience German music, language, and culture.

For Whom?

Students going into grades 3-12.


August 6th – 9th, 2018 from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM at the Lancaster Liederkranz.

By Whom?

The Sommer Singspiel instructors are all certified local area educators. Check out our staff biographies – click here.


Drue Bullington, 

Michael Luckenbill, 

Lisa Sempsey


Lauren Jannotta 

Stephanie Henrich

Dawn Miller

What is the Tuition?

LLK Members first student: $60;

        Each additional student from same family: $40.

Non LLK Members first student: $95;

      Each additional student from same family: $50


Register Here:


Christkindlmarkt Lantern Making and Parade- You’re invited!

At about 4:30 on Sunday, Dec. 10 at the Liederkranz’s second annual Christkindlmarkt, we’re planning another Lantern Parade for kids, their parents and grandparents.

We invite anyone, young or old, to join us!

We’ll need to create our lanterns, which we can do on Friday, December 1, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. during the First Friday of December, and the annual Caroling, Hayride, Soup, Cookies and Gluhwein evening.

On Friday, December 1 in the evening, we’ll make a simple lantern, all supplies will be included. We’ll keep the lanterns at the club so they can be ready for the Christkindlmarkt parade.

On Sunday, December 10 we’ll meet at 4:30 in the Ratskeller to get our lanterns together, and have a procession (with musicians hopefully) through the marketplace and then finally end up at the Christmas Tree lighting at about 5:15 where we’ll sing some Christmas Carols and share some holiday cheer!


If you’d like to sign up to participate– parents are welcome to join as well– please use this link!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon to make our Lanterns and join our fun parade!

Bis bald!

Herr Bullington and the entire Singspiel Staff

Kids from Germany are coming to play music at the Liederkranz! Also, a Highlights Video from Camp.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.45.20 PM.png
From Murnau am Staffelsee in Bavaria, Germany,
The Lancaster Liederkranz is proud to host and present the

Jugend Blasorchester

(Youth Concert Band)

in an evening concert on

September 12 at 6:00 p.m.

Food service will be available from 4:30 until 5:45. Service will conclude at the start of the Concert.

This is a group of young musicians who study music in a small town and have traveled abroad to experience our country! Come out and meet them! It would be especially meaningful for them to meet some American kids and for our kids to meet them!

The concert band is touring the United States to participate in the German American Sponsored New York Steuben Parade. During their tour of the area, and as they pass through Lancaster Co., they will stop at our Club to perform a concert before heading to Washington, DC.  Please plan on joining us for this special event.

Come for dinner and then enjoy the music!

For more information about the Jugend Blasorchester   http://www.jbo-murnau.de/de/

Highlights from Camp 2017 Video

Our fellow Liederkranz member and friend, Jess Kling (Mrs. Kling the music teacher if you are a Farmdale Elementary student!) was kind enough to assemble this amazing video of all of the amazing experiences we were able to share this year at Singspiel Camp. A huge thank you to Jess Kling! She’s amazing! Please check it out and share your thoughts  in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

Also, please share this video with your families and friends! Help us spread the word about all of the cool things happening at the Liederkranz!


Sommer Singspiel Zeitung 2017 — Day 4

Wunderbar, Singspielers!

Gemütlichkeit was what we all experienced the past four days. The German word “describes a space or state of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer. Other qualities include coziness, peace of mind, belonging, well being, and social acceptance.” We could easily rename Sommer Singspiel “Gemütlichkeit Camp,” but it would be meaningless– to feel Gemütlichkeit it cannot be one’s central purpose– it is a side effect of being together in a place like the Lancaster Liederkranz.

We worked together for the morning to prepare for our sharing session this afternoon. The students were as equally respectful and cooperative as they’d been all week, and our final sharing was chock full of only a smattering of what we’ve been doing over the previous four days. Words fail to aptly describe this further, so we won’t try. Check out these pictures from Day 4.


The Singspiel students might have had a lot of “swag” to take home with them, but more importantly, they are taking home new friendships, wonderful learning experiences and meaningful memories that will help build and shape their futures and hopefully, if nothing else, a respect and growing love for German language, music, culture, food, traditions, and dance has been planted. If we did that alone in 4 days, we’ll have fulfilled the mission of our program. Somehow, from what we all saw today, I think we did a little more than that!

If you aren’t yet a member, please consider joining and supporting our club with your presence among the members and to share in the joy of being among some really great people! Here is the membership form in pdf form for you to download and print.

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From the teachers: Thank you to all who made this wonderful camp such a resounding success- parents, students, high school student volunteers, Liederkranz members who volunteered in the kitchen, and the Liederkranz executive committee and trustees. To all of the many people supporting us and the students every day, we, the teachers are exceedingly grateful!

Sommer Singspiel Zeitung 2017 – Day 3

Wir haben einen schönen Tag gehabt! 

We had a beautiful day!

Reminder: Sharing Session TOMORROW (Thursday, August 10, 2017) at 2:30 p.m.

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In morning gathering this morning we sang a lot of songs which included:

Das Fliegerlied


When I First Came to this Land  – Slightly different version than ours at Singspiel. Here is a link to the Google Slides Presentation for how we sing it.

And the Happy Wanderer Song

Next we learned a bit about Apfelstrudel  when each group had a turn in the kitchen making their own individual strudels. It’s a very popular and very delicious dessert or Nachtisch in Germany, Switzerland and the country of its origin, Austria. The two German words that make up its name are interesting- apple whirlpool! Because it is rolled and cut in sections that look like a spiral, the name is quite fitting once one looks carefully and can see that little spiral whirlpool in the dough!

More Soccer today as well! The weather has been ausgezeichnet! (Excellent!)

From Frau Jannotta and Frau Miller:

Today, Singspielers practiced their verses for Hänsel and Gretel song and learned a new Dornröschen song which are BOTH all in German!  Then, we read the Dornröschen fairytale and infused the German  vocabulary. Lastly, we created string art which connects with the story of Dornröschen or Sleeping Beauty when she pricked her finger on a spindle.  The string art will be displayed tomorrow during the Sharing Showcase at 2:30 PM.

From Frau Henrich:

Things came together in Drama class today. We took our scripts and performed them with props and some costumes. We also created some of our props. We are looking forward to sharing our hard work with you all tomorrow!

From Frau Sempsey and Herr Bullington:

Today’s Music and Movement Class built on skills learned over the last few days and began to refine them into beautiful and rhythmically interesting pieces of music.  The students experienced everything through movement before moving to playing on the Orff instruments.  Their focus, effort, and perseverance (as what they are learning is quite complex for 3, one hour classes) was impressive.  We also refined our singing and listening skills while practicing “Thorn Rosa”/”Dornröschen” and the students improvised their own choreography to each verse.  We then learned an accompaniment on the Orff instruments as well.  It’s such a pleasure to work with the campers while exploring new ways for them to experience music!  We are very excited to polish our pieces and perform for you on Thursday!


2017 Sommer Singspiel Zeitung – Day 2

Another fantastic day at Singspiel Camp!

Today with beautiful weather that amplified our already happy mood, we began day 2 of Sommer Singspiel with the Happy Wanderer Song (which has a fascinating history) and the tradition in much of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to enjoy the outdoors, nature, and hiking. We even mentioned how many Americans, members of the Liederkranz like Mark Stanavage included, hike the Appalachian Trail! What an amazing goal! We continued the morning gathering with the Story of Hansel and Gretl, and how the Brothers Grimm made gingerbread houses famous with this story.

In the kitchen, Singspielers decorated little gingerbread houses like the one from the Hansel and Gretl story, and each decorated a Lebkuchen Herzen.

With the change to better weather, Soccer began today with Herr Beck and Tanner Beck! It was great to be outside in the sunshine, playing soccer together!

Here are some photos from today! Scroll down for more information about the day’s activities.

From Frau Miller and Frau Jannotta:

In the kitchen today, students decorated Lebkuchen or gingerbread cookies using royal icing with all sorts of beautiful works of art.  The Lebkuchen connects perfectly with the fairytale of Hänsel and Gretel. 

In German Class, students practiced writing their German vocab words and finding them in this German song about Hänsel and Gretel.  Then, they reviewed the story of Wilhelm Tell. Here is a wonderful little video that tells the story of Wilhelm Tell, ask your Singspieler to watch it with you and share their German vocabulary. and the vocabulary by shooting their bow and arrow at pictures. When a German vocabulary word was called out, the students aimed for, and “shot” at the correct picture! It’s a genius way to reinforce vocabulary words, don’t you think!?   

From Frau Henrich:

“Do you want to buy an Ente?” Today was a day full of playing with the German and English languages. We took our scripts and assigned roles. Then we started to plan out the movement for each of the skits. We also played a game with animals and the sounds they make in German.

From Frau Sempsey and Herr Bullington:

We continued to sing, move, and play the day away in “Music and Movement” class!  The campers explored expression within movement while practicing loco-motor foot patterns which increased in difficulty, as well sing and play a “play party” style game to “Thorn Rosa”/”Dornröschen”.  They also continued to develop their playing skills at the Orff instruments.  The campers partnered with each other to improvise movement and xylophone playing where their creativity guided their own learning.  They were introduced to playing a melody on an Orff instrument guided by body percussion (stamping, patting, clapping, and snapping) and speech which will be showcased in the end of camp performance.  The campers are working hard while having fun and we can’t wait for day #3!

Reminder: There will be a sharing showcase of a lot of the learning from this week’s camp on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. All are invited! 



2017 Sommer Singspeil Zeitung – Day 1

Dreary and gray outside this morning, but beautiful sunny dispositions and smiles were all around as we gathered for day one of Sommer Singspiel 2017. We will put together a recap of the days’ events so that you can see what we were doing each day in the camp. We’ll post it here and share out the link. Hopefully you’ll be able to read this and share it out with others in your family that will enjoy seeing what your Singspielers are doing. One thing they are doing is having a lot of fun! We, the teachers, are so enjoying our time with your children sharing German music, language, culture and traditions.

We began the day with a gathering activity led by Frau Henrich. Everyone made a name tag first. Then they wrote a “getting to know you” question on an index card. A game called “Snowball Fight” happened next where they crumpled up the question cards and threw them into the middle of the circle, then picked up a question card, uncrumpled it, and asked this questions to some kids in a small group. A lot of laughter and new friendships began here today!

Special treats today for lunch were some amazing Macaroni and Cheese rivaled only by the fresh tomatoes from the Liederkranz garden! For dessert we had some amazing Spaghetti Eis! Read more about Spaghetti Eis here.



From Frau Henrich:
Today in drama we learned the game Zip, Zap, Zop. We also learned a bunch of German vocabulary that dealt with our fairytale. The ‘Schwarz’ group will be tackling Schneewittchen (Snow White), the ‘Rot’ group will be presenting Rumpelstitzchen, and the ‘Gold’ group will perform Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood). If time allowed our groups also learned the game ‘This is a Who?’.

From Frau Sempsey and Herr Bullington:
“Hallo” from music and movement class!

It was really fun getting to know all of your children and exploring movement and instruments in creative ways today. This year, music will involve singing and playing Orff instruments (child-sized xylophones), as well as some other auxiliary instruments which will spice up the music we are learning at camp. And movement will be linked to the music we are learning and the German legends and fairy tales which are guiding the overall program at Singspiel this summer.

Today, your children improvised movement for their large groups to mimic as well as worked in partners to create statues and shadows–exploring levels in a kid-friendly way. The creativity was a joy to witness as the campers got to know each other more and embraced the challenges they were given. They also were introduced to caring for and playing Orff instruments properly through games and sound effects, plus, had a chance to play the instruments without being tied to a specific song.

Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the specific songs, chants, and movement that will be incorporated into the end of camp performance on Thursday afternoon. We can’t wait to see and hear their progress throughout the week!

Bis morgen!

From Frau Jannotta and Frau Miller:

Today in German Class, Singspiel students collaborated in small groups to come up with their own create endings to the Legend of Wilhelm Tell. They learned how Wilhelm Tell became a hero to the people of Switzerland with his legendary bow and arrow accuracy. Then, students got their creativity on as they decorated and put together their own archery set. Ask your Singspieler what their favorite German vocabulary word is from the story!